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Public Safety

Our programs are designed to provide students with the basic skills needed for entry-level positions in corrections, forensic science or law enforcement.

There are both short-term opportunities to begin work quickly, and long-term certificate and degree options which take several semesters to complete, with some preparing students to transfer to four-year institutions for further study.

This pathway is a great fit for students who:
  • enjoy helping and working with people,
  • like the idea of protecting others,
  • can work in the face of danger,
  • enjoy solving problems, and
  • can put aside their personal feelings and act based on the law.

Explore the pathway options below. Want more information? Complete a request for information and our outreach coordinator will be in touch.  

Jen Hall
“I was able to check all my boxes while still being a full-time mom and full-time officer. The teachers there are so helpful. It meant a lot to know I had that support.”
Deputy First Class Jennifer Hall

Careers and Salary

Careers in corrections and law enforcement are in high demand and salaries are increasing to fill that demand. There is a dire need for correctional officers according to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and local police departments are struggling to fill vacancies, meaning jobs are plentiful for those with the proper training. Some of the jobs and salaries below can be obtained with less than two years of study. Others require a bachelor’s degree:

TitleMedian hourly earnings in our region per hour
Correctional Officer$25.50
Police Officer$28.41
Private Investigator$24.46
Probation Officer$28.12

To explore employment in our region and salaries, go to Career Coach.

Paying for Your Education

Financial assistance is available for the public safety pathway. You can review what the college has to offer on the Pay for College section of this site. Scholarships are available for students in some programs and more information can be found on our Institutional Scholarships page.

Getting Involved

Students in this pathway have many opportunities to be involved in campus life outside of their academic work, including the Criminal Justice Club and the Veterans-Military Association. There are also many other clubs and organizations to be involved in as well as student government and other student activities.  For more information, see our Student Activities page.

Public Safety Educational Opportunities:

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