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Humanities & Social Sciences

Start the first two years of your bachelor's degree in a small setting while saving thousands of dollars on your education.

The humanities and social sciences pathway is a great path for students interested in learning how people think and understanding more about culture, society and interpersonal relationships.

The humanities are disciplines that focus on human belief systems, culture and art, societies, relationships and the ways in which humans express themselves. The social sciences investigate and analyze human nature and behavior, including human social structures and governments, as well as how humans communicate with each other within those social structures.

Students who choose majors in this pathway are often interested in how many different disciplines work together to help paint a broad picture of the world in which we live, and they use this broad understanding of the world to solve problems, analyze situations and data, and communicate clearly within the global marketplace. This is a great path to choose to obtain a liberal arts background and to explore occupational areas or potential majors before transferring to a bachelor’s degree program.

Explore the pathway options below. Want more information? Complete a request for information and our outreach coordinator will be in touch.  

Lydia Reissig
“Besides being affordable, I really like the fact that the classes are so diverse. Classes are not just full of students aged 18-21 but of all ages and backgrounds. Being in a class with people who have differing opinions and perspectives has been educational and enriching. I chose general studies because of how transferable it is and because I can pick most of the classes and customize the degree to tailor my interests and goals.”
Lydia Reissig

Careers and Salary

Careers in the humanities and social sciences pathway include media production, journalism, broadcasting, event planning, public relations, human relations, publishing or technical writing. Some of the jobs and salaries below can be obtained with less than two years of study. Others require a bachelor’s degree or more:

TitleMedian hourly earnings in our region per hour
Public Relations Specialist$25.45

To explore employment in our region and salaries, go to Career Coach.

Paying for Your Education

Financial assistance is available for the humanities and social sciences pathway. You can review what the college has to offer on the Pay for College section of this site. Scholarships are available for students in some programs and more information can be found on our Institutional Scholarships page.

Getting Involved

Students in this pathway have many opportunities to be involved in campus life outside of their academic work, with several clubs and organizations to participate in, as well as student government and other student activities.  For more information, see our Student Activities page.

Humanities & Social Sciences Education Opportunities:

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